Canning Equipment

The Equipment necessary for canning is relatively inexpensive and is fairly easy to find. There are two different ways to can and each requires a different kind of pot. A boiling water canner with a rack and a lid is sufficient for canning fruits and vegetables that are high in acid.

But you will want a pressure canner for low acid foods (see our safety section to find out why). The pressure canner will have a safety fuse or pressure relief valve to ensure the pot does not explode under pressure. It also has a gauge to help control heat and pressure.

The other vital requirement for canning is the jars and lids. These come in various sizes and styles, but all generally have the same characteristics. They can be purchased at most department stores and grocery stores. Below, we have the anatomy of a canning jar:

There are other pieces of equipment that, while not absolutely necessary, are very helpful to the canning process:

A blancher is a basket that fits inside a large pot. Foods in the basket are lowered into the boiling water and then easily removed for transfer to cold water.

A Colander is a handy strainer.

A Jar Funnel helps to pour food into the jars without making too big a mess.

A Jar Lifter will make removing jars from very hot water much easier and safer.

Other handy tools are a long-handled slotted spoon and a


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