Air Drying

Dehydrators are efficient and come in a variety of models.
Air drying very easy to do and quite effective on green beans, and leafy spices, such as basil or dill.

Air drying is accomplished by hanging the produce in a dry breezy place. Under the porch or in the garage rafters. String beans or mushrooms can be strung on cotton thread with a needle. Spices can be gathered together in bunches and tied together at the stems. Very humid conditions may not only hinder drying but create mold and spoilage.

It is advisable not to leave produce exposed to night air as morning dew will likely collect on it.

Generally, air drying is complete in two or three days, depending on conditions. Leafy spices will be crackly and dry. Green beans will be leathery and most other vegetables will be leathery or brittle.

Not recommended for tomatoes, small vegetables or fruits.

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