Perhaps the easiest way to dry is with a food dehydrator. It is a fast and reliable method for preserving your garden gains.

In recent years dehydrators have become inexpensive and more efficient. They can be purchased via mail order, the internet, or even at your local department or drug store. Most models will do the job more than adequately.

A few things to remember in buying a dehydrator:
- Get sufficient capacity.
- Trays should be light-weight and sturdy.
- Price should be reasonable.
- Elaborate controls are not absolutely necessary.

The most important facet of using a food dehydrator is making sure that food is properly prepared and properly spaced. Leave at least 1/8 to 1/4 inch between each item to ensure proper drying. Stacking can create slow or incomplete drying.

All dehydrators will not dry at the same speed, so check your manual for drying times.

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