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How Long Is Cooked Food Vacuum Sealed Good For?: Q&A


I have a question regarding vacuum sealing. My wife and I sail long distances off shore and do not have refrigeration nor a freezer. I was wondering if sealing foods such as cooked rice, blanched vegetables and such, how long would they be good for? I am looking for an alternative way of cooking since we need to use a lot of battery power or fuel for the generator to use a microwave or the cooktop. The idea is to prepare most of our meals prior to leaving and boil them in the bags and serve. But, the question is how long would this remain good to eat?


Unfortunately, I don't think that this is going to be a good solution for you. Vacuum sealing takes the oxygen away from food and prevents SOME bacterias from operating, but not all. It definitely extends the life, especially when refrigerated or frozen, but I would not trust if you are simply packing it away in a cupboard (unless the foods were dehydrated).

Dehydration or canning is probably your best solution for long-term storage without using a freezer. As for rice. I would think you could bring that dried and as long as you had fresh water and a means for boiling. You can simply cook rice right on board.

Fair winds and following seas.

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