Freezing Vegetables

Vegetables require a certain amount of special handling. Most must be blanched or immersed in boiling water for a short time. When using freezer containers instead of plastic bags, remember to leave 1/2 to one inch of headroom to provide for expansion. Consult the following table for your favorite vegetable:

Vegetable Preparation
Asparagus Cut off tough ends, if any. Blanch for 2-4 minutes.
Green Beans Snap off ends and cut beans into two-inch lengths. Blanch for 3 minutes.
Beets Beets must be frozen fully cooked. Generally, use smaller beets or cut them up. Cook 30-45 minutes.
Broccoli Trim ends and rinse. Cut into small pieces (about 2 inches, heads no more than 1 1/2 inches across. Blanch for three minutes.
Carrots Peel and cut to desired size, but generally no bigger than three or four inches in length. Blanch 2 to 5 minutes depending on size.
Corn For corn on the cob, cook 7 - 11 minutes. For whole-kernel place whole cob in boiling water for 4 minutes, cut off corn with knife. Additionally scrape out pulp for cream-style corn.
Mushrooms Trim dried stem ends. Slice to desired size. Saute mushrooms. Let cool, then pack fully cooked.
Onions Peel and chop. No cooking or blanching is necessary.
Peas Shell and freeze on a tray. When peas are frozen collect in bags.
Squash Cut squash into 1/2 inch thick slices and blanch for 3 minutes.
Tomatoes Scald in boiling water to loosen skin. Peel and cut off stems. Cut to desired size and heat through. Cool, then pack.

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