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Vacuum Sealing

Tilia is the premier maker of FoodSavers
Vacuum sealing is a fast and efficient way to prolong the life and freshness of food. Preservation relies on taking away one or more of the elements that cause food to deteriorate. Vacuum sealing takes away the oxygen that microbes need in order to break down food.

The vacuum sealer is basically a small appliance that sucks the air out of a bag or a container and then seals it (for bags a heated strip actually melts the plastic sides together). Many attachments can be purchased with a vac sealer including canisters, jar sealers, lids, bottle stoppers and, of course, bags.

The great thing about vacuum sealing is that it can be used in conjunction with other forms of preservation including drying and freezing.

In this section we will tell you:
- how to use a vac sealer
- provide some safety tips
- and answer some frequently asked questions
- a little about Tilia FoodSavers.

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