Vac Sealers by Tilia

Tilia is the leading maker of Vacuum Sealers. They have four models of varying size and strength, plus several accessory packages. They all perform well, removing the air from food, thus extending its shelf-life. It is especially effective for cheese and meat. Most fruits vegetables and breads should be tray frozen first. Flour and other dry products can also be vacuum sealed. Jars and cannisters can also be vacuum sealed.

The top of the Tilia line is the FoodSaver Professional II Vacuum Sealing Kit. It has all of the most advanced features and includes resealable bags, a cannister, a how-to video, 5-inch replacement lid, etc.

The FoodSaver Vac 550 Kit Vacuum Sealing System is not as large or heavy as the professional model, but it still does yeoman work preserving food. Some bags, a 3/4-quart canister and an instruction video are included.

The FoodSaver Vac 300 Vacuum Sealing Kit is smaller than the elite models, but will still do the job. Includes a few sample bags.


FoodSaver 11-Inch by 18-Foot Continuous Roll Bag Material, Package of 2

FoodSaver 8-Inch by 22-Foot Continuous Roll Bag Material, Package of 2

Vacu Vin Food Saver, Set of 4

FoodSaver 1-Gallon Size Bag Material, Package of 15

FoodSaver Quart Size Bag, Package of 48

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Tilia is the leading maker of vacuum sealers.